Weight Loss

Maintaining a healthy weight is difficult. Carrying excess weight has been shown to increase the risk of many diseases in all systems of the body.

It is projected that up to 75% of Australians will fall into “Overweight” and “Obese” weight categories within the next decade. Research has also demonstrated that most people struggle to lose weight and keep it off in the long term.

It is for these reasons that weight-loss surgery has emerged as an effective means of losing excess weight and keeping it off. Significant advances have been made in the field in recent years, and Mr Murray will discuss the options with you in depth, in co-operation with Allied Health specialists, to find the best solution for management of your weight.

Please feel free to download and read the brochure on weight-loss surgery from this page. It contains a summary of weight-loss surgery, in addition to important information about post-operative diet protocols.

Download our Guide to Weight Loss Surgery booklet below.